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4 HR Trends That Have Changed in the Last Decade

January 09, 2019

4 HR Trends That Have Changed in the Last Decade
The way organizations work has changed a lot in the last decade. There is greater involvement of technology in many tasks today including the regular mundane tasks like accounts, sales, etc. As no exception, the HR processes have gone through many transformations as well. 

Some of these are:

1. The Rise of Remote Employees
The “gig economy” which comprises freelancers and remote workers is becoming bigger and bigger. The system benefits both the employees and the employers as the former get to work from the comfort of their home and pick their working hours, and the latter can increase or decrease the workforce on the fly as per the requirements. 

According to the data shared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of the employees were doing some of their work remotely in 2015 although in 2003 only 19% of the employees were working remotely.

2. AI-Backed Hiring
Finding the right candidates for different roles is easily one of the most time-consuming jobs for recruiters. However, artificial intelligence has emerged as a game-changer for this problem. 

Today, many platforms are offering AI-based systems that can scan millions of resumes to find the perfect candidates for various jobs. is a quintessential platform in this domain.

3. Personalized Healthcare and Perks
Many years ago, the corporates would offer the same healthcare benefits and perks to a vast majority of their employees. However, now they have started offering individualized benefits. 

For instance, retail giant Amazon offers its hourly employees tuition benefits and schooling programs which is one of the things that make it one of the top companies to work in today.

4. Automation
Many of the tasks that the HR executives used to handle manually including attendance and leave management, payroll management, expense management, etc. are now handed over to advanced automation programs. This allows the HR department to focus on more important tasks such as recruitment, employee training, etc.

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