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4 Tips for Great Job Interviews

January 14, 2019

4 Tips for Great Job Interviews
For many students, the mere thought of appearing for an interview can make them anxious. Although it’s a very natural response, the truth is that nervousness, lack of confidence, and inadequate preparation can hurt your chances of getting hired. 

If you want to make a good first impression in an interview, then pay attention to the following:

Do Your Research
One of the most common mistakes that young graduates make is ignoring to do their research. You must know all the basic details about the company you are showing up at. These include the history of the company, its mission statement, and the major product and service offerings. 

Know Your Selling Points
An interview is all about how well you can sell yourself. You have to share some concrete points about why a company should hire you. Some of the things you can mention include your strengths, specific skills that might help you in the job that you are seeking, and industry experience (if you have it). 

Prepare for Common Interview Questions
It doesn’t hurt to read about some of the most common interview questions that are asked in your industry. Not only will this make you more confident about the interview, but it will also save you from the embarrassment of having to think about the correct answers in a tensed interview setting. 

Conduct Mock Interviews
To make sure that you are calm and confident during the interview, it’s a good idea to conduct some mock interviews with your friends and fellow students in advance. This way, your anxiety and apprehension would be long gone by the time you have to appear for the actual interview.

One of the things that you almost always need for a perfect interview is “fluent English”. However, if you need to work on that, then consider getting a proper certification in Business English. There is one available at at a reasonable fee. Click here for details. 

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