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5 Mistakes Every MBA Aspirant Should Avoid

July 12, 2019

5 Mistakes Every MBA Aspirant Should Avoid

When it comes to picking a post-graduate program, then you can be spoilt for choice. However, you usually can’t go wrong with MBA especially if you have completed your bachelor’s in a non-management domain.

If you are planning to apply for an MBA course, then the following are some of the mistakes that you should avoid to build a successful career:

1. Picking a Wrong College

It’s really important that you pick a college that you know is right for you rather than what your peers are suggesting. Sometimes, students settle for any college just because they don’t want to prepare for the entrance exams for another year. That’s an equally bad approach as the college and course you pick can have a huge impact on your career.

2. Avoiding Networking

Networking with other MBA aspirants can help you in more ways than you can imagine. You can learn about the new trends in the industry, get tips on improving your preparation, and also learn about new courses and colleges that might pave the road for a bright career.

3. Delaying Studying

Many students like to relax and take their time before starting their preparation. However, finding the right course and college entrance exam patterns etc. takes a long time. So, it’s best to start working on the plan as soon as possible.

4. Ignoring Alternatives

There is no denying that the IIMs are the best business schools in India. However, getting admission to these isn’t easy either and the same goes for other popular institutes. So, it’s not a bad idea to look for alternative courses if you aren’t able to secure a seat in your desired college. For instance, TSCFM is offering an affordable and easily accessible MBA program under a UK University with live industry projects, advanced curriculum, etc.

5. Not Doing the Homework

There are numerous business schools both in India and abroad. However, each follows certain admission criteria. So, you may miss out on some of the best schools by failing to do your homework.

An MBA program can give a big boost to your career granted you avoid the mistakes above. Good luck!

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