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Best Institutes for Photography in Mumbai

May 08, 2019

Best Institutes for Photography in Mumbai

Do you remember the first time you took or saw an exceptional photo that inspired you to pursue photography as a full-time career rather than just a hobby? Just like you, today, with the ever-increasing scope of photography and the easy availability of equipment, many individuals think of converting their passion for photography into a full-fledged career.

But have you ever thought what does it really take to make a transition from being an amateur photographer to a professional photographer? Well, the answer is pretty obvious — an eye for detail, creativity, and most importantly dedication and discipline.

Moreover, just like any other professional career, a degree or a diploma in photography from the best photography colleges in Mumbai will help you ace in this career.

Today, many photography colleges in Mumbai offer courses that help amateur photographers enhance their photography skills. Let’s look at how the different photography institutes in Mumbai provide platforms that will help you succeed in the field of professional photography.


Whether you opt for a degree course or a short-term diploma course, photography colleges in Mumbai will ensure that you develop conceptual and aesthetic skills while providing a strong curriculum in the principles of photography. Also, top colleges of photography in Mumbai help students master essential photography techniques and methods and help build a professional image.

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Media Mentors

Many of the photography institutes in Mumbai employ media professionals to train students. Who better can help you prepare for a photography career than someone who’s been there already? Some of the top photography schools in Mumbai also provide one to one guidance to each student based on their interests.

Live Project and Photo Walks

No amount of classroom lectures is going to help you unless you put the theoretical knowledge into practice. Photography colleges provide you a chance to work live with media organizations. This will help you gain insights into the real-world scenarios and also enhance your resumes.

New Age Education

Many of the best photography colleges in Mumbai constantly strive to provide new age education to students by using innovative ways of teaching. One such innovative way of teaching is introduced by Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management. It has introduced the concept of the flipped class, where students learn the concepts of photography through peer learning sessions.

Thinking about enrolling in one of the best colleges for photography in Mumbai? Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management offers a cost-effective Professional Diploma in Photography. To learn more about this course, feel free to check to our website.

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