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Career Options After MBA in India- Scope and Salary

April 26, 2019

Career Options After MBA in India- Scope and Salary

Planning plays a huge role in any career. If you are pursuing an MBA or about to apply for the program, then it can be a good idea to learn about the various jobs that you can go for and the salaries that you can expect.

The following some of the most common career options that business school graduates opt for:

1. Banking & Finance

Banking and finance segments are quite popular among MBA graduates. These can offer you jobs in insurance companies, banks, NBFCs, and other financial organizations. The salary is high and growth options plenty which is why you too can opt for this domain yourself.

The following are average salaries for different jobs in banking and finance:

  • Operations Manager:   Rs. 937,323
  • Branch Manager:   Rs. 691,869
  • Finance Manager:  Rs. 844,316
  • Business Analyst:    Rs. 566,580

2. Human Resources (HR)

If you are not so good with crunching numbers or coming up with financial projections but gifted with people management skills, then HR can be a good option for you to consider. It’s a relatively less-stressful job profile that pays well and almost every medium and large company has a few positions for the HR department. So, you don’t have to struggle for long when finding a job.

The salaries are given below for you to review:

  • Human Resources Manager: Rs. 3,19,000 – Rs. 7,38,960
  • Relationship Manager: Rs. 3,50,000

3. Data Analytics

If you have a background in engineering or computer applications, then you can build a career as a data engineer or data scientist. The demand for these jobs is soaring today with the rise of big data and analytics technologies.

The average salary is as follows:

  • Data Scientist: Rs. 5,10,000

A large number of ambitious professionals want to get an MBA degree these days. However, they often can’t either due to high fees or inability to find a course that’s accessible but also valuable. We are offering an MBA program that solves all these problems. It even comes with a financing facility.

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