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How Can a Course in Photography Help Me?

December 10, 2018

How Can a Course in Photography Help Me?
If you are passionate about photography and want to master the art, then you can find tons of resources on the Internet in the form of e-Books, blogs, and videos. However, you also have the option of taking a professional course which is highly recommended if you want to make photography your career. Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why that’s the case:
  • Learn from the Best

When you learn from a seasoned photographer and a professional, then you learn some of the most advanced and creative skills that you may not find in books and video tutorials, at least not easily. You also learn much faster when someone is watching your every move and guiding you through the learning curve.
  • Make Your Resume Look Attractive

A lot of marketing and advertising agencies, publishers, etc. look for photographers who have some kind of formal education in the space. So, even if you are a self-taught photographer with talent, you may lose some of the best gigs just because of failing to meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Meet Other Photographers

There aren’t many professional photographers, especially in India. However, when you enroll in a photography course, then you get to meet some of the most creative and passionate individuals who care about photography as much as you do. So, you can expand your network and learn from your peers. Some of these connections can help in your career too.
  • Gain Comprehensive Knowledge

Most photography courses are designed to cover a variety of photography techniques and styles. Since you get to learn all of them, you become more skilled and it can also help you find your personal style which can make you stand out from other photographers.

Photography is a beautiful art which can be practiced by anyone who has a passion for it. However, if you want to pursue it more seriously, then a professional photography course will surely benefit you. Good luck!


Thadomal Shahani Centre For Media & Communication (TSCMC) offers a Professional Diploma in Photography. This is a highly intensive program that gives you all the possible skills you need to become a successful photographer. What makes it interesting is each type of photography would be dealt with over the first two weeks. Then the student will carry out the shoot in the third week, followed by in-depth feedback by the professor in the last week.

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