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How to be a part of moment marketing

March 17, 2020

How to be a part of moment marketing

Once I was watching a YouTube video of a person’s trip to Bali and after surfing for more information, I ended up going on google to search more on things to do in Bali and opened several articles written on Bali. After going through few articles, I noticed an ad to the right side of the article which displayed 60% discount on 2 tickets to Bali from an airline.

I was anyway planning on going to the trip – unsure about the dates but the tickets fortunately showed can be used up to 3 months which gladly gave me the opportunity to plan out a trip to Bali.

This – making sure you are sold on the idea of purchasing or taking an action at the right time at right place in the right moment is “Moment Marketing.”

Moment Marketing has been swarming around marketers for a few years now. The big brands like Zomato, Oreo, Fevicol, etc are on the top when it comes to capitalization of Moment Marketing.

Among all the brands, the one brand which is dominant and synonym with Moment Marketing is Amul!

when us president trump misspelled the word coverage
When U.S. President Trump misspelled the word coverage

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing in layman’s term is getting across the right message to the right audience at a right moment.
It is a way of connecting message to customers through linking offline and online media.

If we see a big change happening on TV, or massive global events like cricket, sports, fashion, etc, it is a chance to get into consumer’s mind space at that moment.

Advertisers should be able to capitalize such moments and use the brand messaging by being present with the correct messaging in that particular eyeball moment.

How to be a part of Moment Marketing?

Be alert and active to what is going on around in entertainment sector, culture, current affairs, etc.

Marketers and advertisers must be updated about the upcoming and ongoing events and how make the best use of it.
A massive event happening every year in America is Superbowl and more than the game itself, people all around the world are interested in watching the new ad story companies will show during the game. And even so those who can’t invest in Superbowl’s ad are quick enough to make creative social media posts.

This is also called as macro-moment which means ability to spot the moment in social, culture or entertainment for brand exposure.

Another great example of using proper right time marketing was of Game of Thrones infamous dialogue “What do you say to the God of death? Not Today.” Lets have a look –

rest daywhen us president trump misspelled the word coverage

Brands successfully should be able to use online or offline medium to convey their own brand message to customers.

Such as SF Rush’s and General Mills use of GOT’s scene has appropriately utilized the famous Arya’s scene to drive their brand’s awareness.  

One of the other examples in moment marketing is of Oreo’s quick thinking on Superbowl’s light shortage for 30 minutes. 

This creative by OREO spread like wildfire, almost receiving around 15000 retweets and more than 25000 likes on Facebook.

Post as soon as possible with your target audience in mind. You should know which event or show will help you uplift brand awareness.

Not all trends and not such moments are going to work for you because it doesn’t make sense to link with your brand.

Think quickly on how you can share the message of the ongoing viral events and relate to your own brand.
Things to keep in mind as a marketer to be in the momentum of right time marketing:

  • Quick at spotting trends & macro-moments
  • Adapting it to own brand
  • Connecting the message to wider audience
  • Spread awareness to purchase
  • Know to influence through customer psychological behaviour
  • Be ReadyUsing moment marketing will help your campaign gain more traction and build traffic to your website.

This is a great way of seeking customers’ attention and help build brand awareness.

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