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How to improve job prospects while doing an MBA?

February 01, 2020

How to improve job prospects while doing an MBA?

There are various reasons students choose to obtain an MBA Degree. One of the many reasons is to attain a better job in the future or to get into their dream companies.

Here’s how you can improve your career or job prospect while doing an MBA:

Connect with Guest Speakers

If you have regular guest sessions in your college, then you are lucky enough to spark a professional relationship with them or make a first impression.

How can you do it?

* Ask questions
* Interact with the Guest Speaker after the session
* Be interactive with the speaker during the session

Most Importantly, listen to the session attentively.

They are the industry experts and they are on the constant look out to find a gem in the market. There is always a potential opportunity. Also, ask for their business card and stay connected to them.

Alumni are your go-to to grow your network

During your business school year, keep your eye open when alumni come to meet professors or to give a lecture. To connect with alumni of the college is a golden key to look for job opportunities in their working space.

Of course, you cannot immediately ask for a job at the company they are working in, but you can for sure connect with them, maintain a healthy relationship and you wouldn’t know when such contacts might help you in the future.

How can you do it?

When they come to meet professors, if you spot them around the campus, go the extra length to walk towards them and ask them questions about their experience here, where they are working, why you are talking to them and be genuine about connecting with them.

If they have an open session in the college, attend it. Have a conversation with them after the session about their life.
Ask for their contact number and tell them how much you appreciate them spending time to talk with you and fellow classmates.

When you are forming a connection with someone, don’t just look for what you can gain. Look for how you can make them feel valuable and grateful for just being here.

Your Internship!

An internship is very critical to obtain post-graduate employment, especially if you are aspiring for a position in a competitive field. Internships will enable you to further develop critical skills and gain real-world experience, and you never know – you might also be offered a full-time position if you excel.

It’s important before starting your internship to start thinking about what roles and industries excite you, which skills you’d like to learn, and for what kind of company you eventually want to work.

Other Activities

Other than focusing on your studies make sure to take part in extracurricular activities as well in your college. The more you involve yourself in other activities, the more companies will see potential in you and notice that you can handle multiple things and have experience in other fields.

Key points to note when approaching someone to form a connection –

When you approach someone to form a connection, be original and yourself. The world is revolving around just asking for various things, forming connections for personal gains and just keeping a tab on who owes whom what and how to repay.

To network is more than that. To connect is more than that.

Business relationships are formed based on genuine and authentic. Be yourself, showcase your communication skills, your interest in the subject and in the other human being, then you are sure to form a bond with any other person.

Interesting fact: According to the survey done in the US, close to 95 percent of MBA alumni consider their MBA cost to be a stellar investment. Moreover, of the 21,000 MBA graduates surveyed, most said that they would enroll in business school again if given the opportunity.

Make sure you make the most out of your MBA program too!

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