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Qualities B-Schools look for in MBA Applicants

October 16, 2019

Qualities B-Schools look for in MBA Applicants

B-Schools look for promising applicants for letting them take admission in their universities.

That’s why it is needed that every MBA candidate should at least bring something on the table and be a little unique.

During interviews and MBA essays, B-schools try to find out if an applicant has what it takes to get into an MBA program or a little different than the rest of the candidates. They are looking for special qualities in the candidates.

The 3 key qualities B-Schools look for in MBA candidates are:

1. A spark of leadership

B-Schools foremost quality preference is leadership.

There’s a misconception of the meaning of leadership. A leader does not necessarily mean to lead a team.

To have a leadership quality means to stand up for something you believe in and following your own belief.

It also means the time you motivated others to do something, you solved a massive problem in your team and also brought out ideas and executing it inefficient manner.

During the interview, you can mention such small things during your interview.

There’s no need to only mention of leading big teams or some big examples of leadership. Every small contribution to society counts.

2. Long-term plan after MBA

Let’s all dwell on this point a bit more.

Many of the candidates do not know what to do after an MBA.

Maybe after MBA one can change its career and go into music or maybe who was totally into MBA may get a job at his dream company.

But during the interview, this question is critical as it lets the interviewer know how realistic are you because of your answers and how passionate you are about your career.

Even for certain if you don’t know about your future, try to form a diplomatic answer and why you chose this career path.

3. Global Awareness

Keep, keep, keep reading about the news every day.

Those who don’t have a habit of reading news should start once applied for an MBA program.

B-schools want you to be aware of what’s happening around the world. Business knowledge is a must in an MBA candidate.

It leads you to understand problems in the society, the nation and all over the globe,

MBA program thus provides you with the education that helps you analyze the roots of these problems and how to solve them.

Global Awareness helps you gain knowledge about all over the world and increases your chances of making things right during discussions.

These three qualities are must and what makes a successful MBA candidate. Though these are not inborn qualities and one can develop them over a period of time.

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