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Tips to Prepare for MBA PI and GD

July 01, 2019

Tips to Prepare for MBA PI and GD

If you are preparing for an MBA, then you need to know that Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) are two of the most important aspects of the process. Unless you are prepared for both, you can’t expect to get admission to your favorite MBA college.

To ensure a good performance in both PI and GD, take note of the following:

1. Personal Interview

  • A good chunk of the questions that are asked in interviews are standard and asked in almost every interview. These include: “Why don’t you tell us about yourself?”, “Why do you want to study MBA?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “How do you handle challenging situations?”, etc. Since these are repeated questions, you can prepare good answers for these in advance so that you are able to respond with confidence during the real interviews.
  • Practicing in mock interviews will help you gain more confidence and improve communication skills.
  • Learn the basics of body language in PI. For instance, maintaining eye contact is something that’s really important if you want to present yourself as a confident candidate.

2. Group Discussion

  • Develop a habit of reading newspapers on a regular basis. It will help you update yourself with current affairs and important events that may be discussed during GD
  • When debating with others, you need to assert yourself without trying to prove others wrong
  • Expect a lot of loud voices in the debates, which is why you need to raise your own voice accordingly
  • Try to participate in the GD as much as possible but don’t raise irrelevant points just to have your say in something

Getting a seat in one of the top MBA colleges isn’t easy. While the entrance exams are tough on their own, PI and GD rounds can also make the entrance a huge challenge. However, you can get in a good MBA program without these challenges. For instance, TSCFM is offering a job-oriented Global MBA course under a UK university at a fee that you can easily afford.

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