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Why Do you Want a Career in Digital Marketing?

June 08, 2019

Why Do you Want a Career in Digital Marketing?

Do you like creating viral memes for fun? Do you have a flair for writing engrossing blogs? Are you a fan of viral videos that rock the internet? If yes, then, you definitely are inclined towards digital marketing. And if you want to pursue a carer where you can perform all these activities and also earn a fortune, then digital marketing is your saviour.

You might wonder, “Forget about earning a fortune, does a career involving writing blogs even pay?” Well, the truth is it does. And this, amigos, is the backbone of digital marketing. And if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, then this article will help you.

Why digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a progressive field with a lot of technological changes happening continuously. Research suggests that the digital economy is growing 10 times faster and by 2030, almost all companies will be digitalized. This offers great scope to individuals seeking a career in digital marketing.

Career roles in digital marketing

1. Digital director

It is one of the highest paying jobs in the field of digital marketing. A digital director is in charge of the entire marketing process, handling business-client relationships and reaching out to the audience. This role requires you to supervise multiple projects at one go and as a result, you should be well-versed with project management software. You can obtain certifications in digital marketing courses that are supplemented with digital tools to boost your career as a digital director.

2. Web developer and web designer

As a web developer or a designer, you’ll be responsible for designing, coding, and modifying websites to make them user-friendly and appealing to the customers. An important requisite of web development is web programming and knowledge of languages such as JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS. You can opt for institutes that offer some of the best digital marketing courses equipped with advanced computer languages.

3. Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager, you need to remain updated with the latest trends in social media and also coordinate with the content team to create innovative content and videos. Nowadays, social media includes reaching out to key influencers, customers and other stakeholders. Top digital marketing courses contain social media marketing and social media strategy subjects that acquaint individuals to professional social media roles.

4. SEO executive and content marketer

SEO specialists create and implement strategies that increase traffic on websites. Content marketers ensure that the content on the websites is innovative and has all the qualities of going viral. High-quality written communication skills are important for SEO strategists and content marketers. You can choose professional digital marketing courses to enhance your existing skills and boost your career. The best way to assure a career in digital marketing is opting for digital marketing courses with placements that will ensure you a job in a reputed company.

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