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Top Newsletter Design Tips to Keep Your Readers Engaged

November 23, 2018

Email newsletters are different from your typical marketing emails. Thus, the strategy required for them differs a lot as well.
If you want to impress your newsletter readers with high-quality content, then the following design tips should be able to help you:

Creating Interesting Content
Many digital marketers mistake newsletters for content pieces that can share the links of important blogs, websites, and products. While there is nothing wrong about using newsletters as resources for online information in the form of links, you should also focus on providing useful and in-depth information in the newsletters themselves. In other words, there should be value in the newsletters and they shouldn’t be fully dependent on external links.

Using Cinemagraphs
Cinemagraphs are media files that use both images and videos. Usually, they are in gif format and can be used to present images in a more engaging and appealing manner. However, when you use them, make sure that you don’t put the main message in them as some email clients don’t support them properly. So, they should be used as additional content to make your email newsletters more interesting. 

Sharing Videos
It’s no secret that consumers prefer watching a video over reading an article. So, why not use videos in your newsletters too? 

Some reports say that by including videos in your emails, you can increase the conversion rate by as much as 300% (source: smallbiztrends). However, embedding your videos directly into emails may not be the best approach as they increase loading times of emails. So, instead, you can use a static screenshot or gif of the video with a “play” button that can redirect the reader to the actual video. 

Newsletters are a great way to nurture your leans and convert them into paying customers. Although there is a learning curve involved, your efforts do pay off well if you are willing to commit. Good luck!


Photo credit: Toolstotal on Visual hunt / CC BY

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