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What Makes Marketing an Excellent Career Choice?

September 11, 2018

When you want to pursue a promising career, some of the things that you look for are opportunities for growth, a high remuneration, and work that’s interesting enough for you to care. Marketing can offer you all of these.

Marketing is one of the one of the oldest jobs in the world but it’s still quite popular due to the following reasons:

Huge Demand
Every industry whether it’s education or electronics, pharmaceuticals or food, needs marketers to help take their business to the next level. Without marketing professionals, a company can’t grow and attract customers the way it wants. Thus we see that the demand isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it has only increased significantly in the past few years due to the prevalence of digital marketing, analytics, and big data.

It Never Gets Old
If you are a marketer, then no two days will ever be the same to you. You will learn something new every day and overcome new challenges on a regular basis. This is because marketing trends change all the time, and you have to adapt accordingly. 

If you enjoy adrenaline rush and high risk-reward situations, then you will never have a dull day as a marketer.

Plenty of Networking Opportunities
Marketers get to deal with CEOs, copywriters, marketing managers, and other professional marketers. So, you get numerous opportunities to network and expand your circle which can help you in the long run when seeking better roles in your career.

Good Opportunities for Progression
There are two main paths for marketing as a profession. You can either work for a client directly in their marketing department, or you can work with an agency. Both options offer plenty of opportunities for growth. In the former, you may start off as a marketing assistant and then progress to eventually become a product manager. Similarly, in the latter, you can get numerous opportunities in market research, project management, etc.

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