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About Us

ask.CAREERS provides a unique banking program which helps bridging the gap between industry and the academics by creating the industry ready professional by picking them at the right time amidst of their graduation. The selected candidates are trained on relevant technology which gives them an insight and real time idea about the functional aspects of the banks. Finally, the shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the banks and hired on selection. Banks have already tied up with ask.CAREERS for recruitment.

Need for Job Oriented Program

From 2017 onwards, around 1 million new students will enter India’s Higher Education market every year. However, most existing colleges are not able to train them effectively with the skills needed by Industry. Almost 85% of India’s graduates are considered unemployable for white collar jobs.

Skill Gap in India by 2022

57% Company Lack Skilled Professionals

Career Gap

  • Educational institutes not geared up to meet the dynamic industry requirements
  • Lots of data and no information
  • Which Industry, Profile, Company, Career-path and Why?
  • Salary versus experience
    • The Gap
      • What do I need to do to become relevant to the industry?
      • What is the job and salary I deserve?
      • Can someone hand hold me right from the training till finalizing the best fit job?
  • Not a single product, service or certification to address all the above given challenges
  • There are learning products (online and offline) and recruiters operating in silos with minimum to no interaction with each other

Benefits for the Companies

About the Program

Ask.Careers intends to train a batch of students for the banks on the skills listed below. In addition to the skills, Ask Careers will also create a mechanism to ensure that the students have required amount of industry intelligence and company background of the participating banks.

Key Selection Parameters for Banks

  1. Banking Knowledge
  2. Personality (Grooming and Presentation)
  3. Oral Communication (Language and Communication)
  4. Written Communication
  5. Sales Orientation

Key Features

  1. Better industry perspective in terms of expectations and KRAs.
  2. Enhanced present and future Employability Quotient.
  3. Direct interaction with the middle and senior banks professionals.
  4. Real opportunity to get a banking job and career post completing the program successfully.

Key Takeaways from the Program

  1. Proficiency in customer management and banking operations.
  2. Skills to match the high service delivery levels that are expected from a bank employee.
  3. Selling skills.
  4. Right communication and attitude

Delivery Methodology

Ask.Careers has implemented globally accepted “blended learning” approach to create perfect learning environment for the participants.

The program is an industry created blend of instructionally sound e-learning and offline interactive session by the practicing bankers

The program comprises of state of art online content, highly interactive lectures, practical application of banking and communication concepts, exercises, cases, projects and presentations, audio visual inputs, assignments / submissions, quizzes, tests and real world scenario based final assessment.