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Who Should Opt for an MBA in Finance?

September 29, 2018

Who Should Opt for an MBA in Finance?

Liberalization of the Indian economy has opened up a plethora of opportunities for professionals in the field of finance. Organizations require qualified professionals for various finance-based activities like effective utilization of funds, managing portfolios, handling clients and much more. An MBA aids in leveraging not only current opportunities but also future opportunities that will emerge with the unfolding of India’s growth story.

Though finance is a lucrative and exciting field, you need to think about your decision before jumping on the finance bandwagon. Here are a few points to consider while opting for an MBA with a specialization in finance.

Passion for Finance
People who are enthusiastic about numbers perform well in finance-based roles. The first step is to find out whether you are interested in financial policies, interest rate cycles, economic development, etc. Financial terms like repo rate, GDP growth, liquidity, derivatives, and money markets must excite you for more.

People who aspire for a career in finance can pursue MBA in Finance to enhance their knowledge and skills. It not only imparts functional knowledge in finance, but also helps gain capabilities to solve business problems.

Build Career in Finance
Finance has emerged as a lucrative field with a diverse set of roles.  People who wish to build a career in this field can pursue MBA in Finance, as candidates with professional qualifications are required for various roles in reputed organizations. Certain roles like equity and credit research, fund accounting, investment banking, etc. are open only to those with professional finance-based qualifications. Similarly, banks require skilled management professionals for relationship management, wealth management and other roles.

Aptitude and Personality Traits
An MBA in Finance is ideal for people who like number crunching and analyzing trends. Good analytical ability, attention to detail and conscientious nature are some of the traits associated with finance professionals. Besides these skills, good communication and relationship management skills are required to carve out a successful career in finance.

Switching Career
Many professionals wish to switch roles to add a new dimension to their career. Engineers may want to add managerial skills with a touch of finance to develop their careers holistically. Professionals from accounting profession may aspire to shift to analytical roles like equity, derivatives or credit research.

Career Progression
Professionals with work experience tend to reach a certain level in their careers beyond which opportunities for growth are minimal. Pursuing an MBA from the right institution is paramount in developing a successful career in finance. Good colleges provide industry interface to help students understand the practical relevance of finance-based concepts.

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