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4 Effective Content Marketing Tips for 2019

December 14, 2018

4 Effective Content Marketing Tips for 2019

Today, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of content marketing and sharing high-quality content on a regular basis. However, the truth is that creating and sharing premium content isn’t enough, you must ensure that it reaches the target audience effectively as well.

The following are 4 tips on that to help you wade through the competition:

1. Use Keywords

Even after so many years, Search Engine Optimization or SEO continues to bear huge significance in content marketing. So, if you want the best results from your marketing campaigns, then make sure that you use appropriate keywords with your content whether it’s a blog or a website, social media posts or video descriptions, etc. There are a number of keyword research tools on the Internet that you can use, including one from Google itself.

2. Share Informative Content

Sure, you can make your customers smile with funny memes and videos and it’s good for marketing too. However, you can also share informative content viz. DIY videos and infographics to establish authority and improve your brand image.

3. Put on Your Thinking Cap

Rather than just following the trends, try to come up with original ideas and concepts for your content. When you are the first to start something new, you are sure to grab attention quickly and easily. These changes don’t even have to be massive; just experimenting with different video styles and using creative format structures of landing pages is enough to make you stand out.

4. Stick to Your Brand Theme

When you have established a brand, then your audience expects a certain voice and message from you. Deviating from that just to jump on a new bandwagon can end up confusing your customers, and possibly turn them away too. For instance, if you are maintaining a formal and authoritative tone in your content, then switching to a laid-back and edgy style can hurt your efforts.

Content marketing, as easy as it may sound, is actually quite tricky. You can’t find the perfect formula for your brand unless you experiment with at least a few strategies first. However, once you have found it, it gets easier.

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