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Career in Photography: All You Need to Know

August 02, 2018

Career in Photography: All You Need to Know

Do you get inspired by beautiful photographs and have a flair for taking some good ones yourself? If your answer is “yes”, then you can pursue a career in professional photography.

– What does it take to be a professional photographer?

Many people undermine the effort that goes into taking the perfect snaps at fashion events, wildlife sanctuaries, sports events, etc. You have to be skilled both artistically as well as technically. A lot of professional photographers also get proper training with the help of photography courses, many of which are also available in India.

To be a good photographer, you have to understand the concepts of lighting, camera angles, usage of negative space, surroundings, etc. You also need to learn image editing skills which are quite important in today’s digital era where photographers are expected to refine and accentuate their raw photographers on their own using professional software.

– Pursuing a career in photography

Once you have learned the basic skills, invested in a premium digital camera, and obtained a diploma for a professional photography course, you can create a portfolio and directly start applying for jobs. You can also start as a freelancer in which you get paid per gig. Later on, as you gain experience, you can get a full-time job at a design studio or a fashion company, etc.

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The following are some of the industries that hire professional photographers:
  1. Publishing and press
  2. Ad agencies
  3. NGOs
  4. Magazine and newspaper publishers
  5. Medical institutes
  6. Food industries
The average salary of a professional photographer can vary from Rs. 1.2 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs per annum depending on their experience.
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