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Key Differences Between Part-time and Full-time MBA

June 21, 2019

Key Differences Between Part-time and Full-time MBA

If you have a few years of work experience, then at some point, you may want to take your career to the next level. For that, you can consider a variety of courses. An MBA program is certainly one of the best options for that. However, it can be of two kinds:

– Part-time MBA
– Full-time MBA

The question is- which one is better? For that, you need to know the key differences between the two. These are:

1. Admission

The admission process for regular or full-time MBA programs can be quite challenging. This is because you have to clear an entrance exam and also face interviews and group discussions. That’s not the case with part-time MBA programs. There is usually no entrance exam and no interviews/GDs either.

2. Cost

The majority of good MBA programs, without a doubt, are not affordable for most people. With tuition fee easily reaching 10-15 lakhs INR, the students have to take loans to fund their education. Part-time MBA programs, on the other hand, are inexpensive and can be availed without any education loan.

3. Flexibility

Part-time MBA programs allow you to learn at a pace that you are comfortable with. You can take the classes during the weekends or even at home. This is why part-time MBA programs are quite popular among professionals who have full-time jobs.

4. Campus Placements

Full-time MBA programs are expensive but the huge fees are used by the business schools to attract the top corporates to their campuses so that the students can get gainful employment. That’s not always the case with part-time programs. If you are taking a distance learning course, then you may need to look for a job yourself. That said, there are some programs that offer quality education and also placement assistance. The MBA for Executives program offered by TSCFM is one of them.

All things considered, you can see that full-time MBA programs are suitable for those who don’t have a job. For those who are already employed, a part-time MBA program or EMBA is better.

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