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Latest 2019 Trends in Photography Industry

May 24, 2019

Latest 2019 Trends in Photography Industry

The photography industry has gone through many disruptions in the past few years. As the post-processing programs are becoming more advanced, and digital marketing is picking up the pace, the demand for professional photography has increased. At the same time, new skills are required from the photographers to stay in the business.

The following are some of the latest trends in the photography industry that you need to keep an eye on in 2019

1. Videos are Becoming More Common

Video allows you to cover more details and tell a story in a multi-layered format. With the prevalence of affordable smartphones that are packed with powerful hardware, videos are becoming more and more common especially on the social media channels. So, photographers also need to update their portfolios with some of the most creative and imaginative videos along with static photos.

2. Drones Everywhere

Many photographers and videographers are using drones around the world to capture panoramic and cinematic visuals. Although the popularity of drones is limited by government restrictions and hardware costs, they are going to become more common as both problems are likely to resolve sooner than later.

3. Vertical Photographs

This year, more than three-quarters of Internet traffic is poised to comprise mobile users. As the need for mobile-friendly websites is increasing, the demand for high-quality vertical photographs has also shot up. That said, the change in orientation really shakes up things which are why the photographers have to go through a learning curve to master the technique.

4. Candid Photography

People want to look at photos that they can relate to rather than find too perfect. This is why candid photography is trending which focuses on human gestures and emotions that are genuine.

Professional photography has evolved considerably today. There is a slew of new techniques and software programs that you can learn to gain an edge over your competition.

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