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Why is there a growing demand for digital marketers?

January 27, 2020

Why is there a growing demand for digital marketers?

The Internet is said to be the biggest invention in history and that’s how the digital evolution began.

The primitive stage of marketing began with door-to-door sales or print ads. The face of marketing started to change when the Internet came into existence. With over half of the world’s population being active online, many companies realize the impact their marketing department has on the profits of their organization. From TV ads, billboards, print ads to now everything being offered digitally – everything is getting digitized.

Now digital marketing is embedded in our day to day activities. People spend more than 6 hours every day online searching, scrolling through their social media accounts and purchasing stuff. The Internet has made it extremely easy to purchase a product to open an e-commerce business within a day or two.

As digital technology evolved, marketing also evolved. Digital marketing has become a necessity rather than a need.

1. Consumer Behaviour Online

Digital Marketers today need to be on their tip-toes regarding where their customers spend their time, what are the new features on social media and how the algorithms of social media platforms work. These things are to be kept in mind and skills are needed to implement these updates into the businesses immediately.

This past decade businesses have noticed a major change in consumer behaviors online and are constantly trying to implement new features and tech- change to make it convenient for them. Businesses are in need of digital marketers who can use the data of consumers and find solutions and new ways to market their businesses to people.

2. Globalization of Internet

The internet has become an equalizer. For the first time in history, a smaller brand can compete with popular brands online. In an age where businesses can run 24/7 365 days a year on the Internet, everyone is trying to maximize profits. Globalization and localization make the competition fierce for every size of business. The demand for digital marketing services is growing to adjust to a global customer base and increased competition.

It is no wonder that from a handful of users, popular social media platform Instagram soon went on becoming the number one photography app making over 100,000 users in just one week and then increasing it to a million in 2 months. Maybe Instagram founders predicted the future of visual in virtual reality and how brands are going to be affected as more people will be seen online rather than offline and this is what helped them in growing their platform.

3. Marketing Spend

Businesses are ready to spend millions and billions on content creation and online marketing. Digital Ad spending is going to rise by $500 billion by 2023.

Though some businesses do not have the budget to spend on digital marketing they are in need of digital marketers who will reach potential customers with the amount given. Unlike Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing doesn’t need a big budget. It depends upon how much you want to invest in digital marketing.

The growth of a company depends upon a really smart digital marketing strategy and companies are in dire need of that.

4. No stop to digital marketing growth

Digital Spend is going to increase and the number of people is going to come online. Right now more than $4 billion people are on the internet globally which makes 56% of the global population, according to the Oberlo.

And India is the second-largest online market in the world with 560 million users on the Internet and will reach 600 million by 2021. More businesses are going to come online and will need exceptional content marketing tactics to stand up among the noise.

There is no stop to online marketing and only more need of digital marketers.

As businesses will grow more, the noise on the internet will increase. More authenticity will be needed and that’s why good digital marketing professionals will be hired. Still, many businesses face problems due to the skills gap and professionalism in digital marketers. One can practice practical skills and digital marketing tools online through digital marketing courses.

If you want to learn the professional and practical skills needed in digital marketing and want to create digital campaigns and be a part of everything digital, TSCFM offers you a digital marketing course that will transform you into a Digital Marketing Professional.

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