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Career Advice We Wished We Had Before Graduation

October 18, 2019

Career Advice We Wished We Had Before Graduation

Rajesh is sitting amongst executives in a meeting and hasn’t spoken a single word in the last 30 minutes. Even he wants to express his ideas but has low self-esteem and don’t know how to express his ideas properly.

As the meeting ends, he goes to his desk and thinks back to his college days, remembering all the advices his professors gave him. He doesn’t even know if he is following his right career path.

With thoughts dreading over about how he will perform in his job, he ends up stressing and loosing focus to finish the task at hand.


This example tells us one thing. Don’t be like Rajesh.

Be someone who figures things out if nothing is going right.

Be someone who prioritises his personal development.

Be someone who is creating a path of his own.

Here are the 4 pieces of career advice we want all graduates to know, before it costs too much –

1. Personal development should be your top priority

During the first year of graduation make a list of things you want to improve on.

Add courses to the list, add workshops you want to attend and things that could pivot your life from A to B.

The priority before graduating is to be a better version of yourself than you were at the first day of college.

Before starting your college, look at your future ahead, visualize how you want to be when you start your first job and make a roadmap to reach that goal.

Personal development is important when it comes to gaining education in college. You are not going to college just for a mere degree, you should be able to learn, relearn and able to implement the knowledge that you are gaining.

Hence, establish your strengths, weaknesses and area of improvements for your aspiring career path. Know the person that you are, and work on becoming better at it every day.

2. Follow your intuition

No one else will know you better than you, hence it becomes important to be very honest about yourself. Confide in someone whom you look up to about your career choices. Have a mentor, but don’t blind follow into someone else’s opinions.

It is you who is going to live with the career choices that you make, make sure you are 100% confident about it.
We will conclude by saying, “listen to the advice but follow your heart!”

Taking steps through trusting your intuitions, will help you deal with future circumstances and move your life towards different path.

Take your time when it comes to making career decisions, but not too much!

3. Go to college after your high school.

Immediately find a job after graduation
Don’t take one or two-year gaps. You’ll get older and won’t be able to do much.

You will come across such advices very often. But it is essential to take your own time when it comes to taking a decision for the right career path.

Don’t take up the job after graduating, if that’s what you want.

Don’t compromise on investing in learning, it will be the most lucrative investment.

Find your own niche, and keep on working towards it.

4. Interning and Networking

The power of doing an internship will help you throughout your career graph. The experience that you can gain through the internship will help you in making right choices and will turn out to be a boon in your first job.
When it comes to networking, building your network will help you grow. Your network will open multiple opportunities for you in your career graph.

Even though networking has become such a cliché word used again and again, one should try to build relationships. Though few but very important ones.

Be with smart people and build loyal friends. During your toughest times or when you are looking for a job sometimes in the future, these relationships will help you out.

Your network shouldn’t be about knowing many people. It should be about better relationships where mutual relationship of values and trust is maintained.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

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