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Importance of Photography Portfolio

August 13, 2018

Importance of Photography Portfolio
Professional photography is taken a lot more seriously now than a few years ago. There are a variety of opportunities in this industry if you have the right skills and experience. However, to increase your chances of bagging high-paying jobs, you must understand the importance of a portfolio.

What is a photography portfolio?
A photography portfolio is a collection of photos taken by you that can be reviewed by a potential client or employer to assess your skills and style. Although many people believe a portfolio is meant to be a collection of your “best work”, it may not necessarily be true. For instance, a portfolio may also be a collection of photos following a particular theme such as African wildlife, Tokyo’s nightlife culture, etc. 

Why do you need a portfolio?
When applying for a job at a firm or submitting proposals for photography gigs, you are usually required to submit a portfolio. Your chances of acceptance as well the remuneration are affected by the quality of portfolio alone. 

How to create a good portfolio?
Your portfolio can either be a collection of your best photos or it can be tailored to the client/employer you are approaching. Either way, be sure you keep the following points in mind:

●      The majority of modern photographers have digital portfolios that can be easily accessed online. However, you should have a printed portfolio too. 
●      Make sure that the photos you pick are of the highest quality possible. They should also be neatly organized in the portfolio. Remember- presentation is everything.
●      Try to include as many original photos as possible, i.e., ones that are unique and creative. 
●      Once you have created an excellent portfolio, your job is not done. You should update it frequently to keep it fresh and relevant to the latest trends.

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